ALF Farms: Happiness at your doorstep

These days more than craving for hot chick people crave for hot chicken. Only a non-vegetarian fanatic can understand the rich, divine and luscious taste of mutton and chicken. What could be better than it being served at your doorstep.

Although ALF farms has built its legacy for over a decade but I received my box of happiness at my home few days back. Though when it comes about the variety and options there is diversified menu for mutton, chicken and pork although I ordered for Chicken Drumstick, Chicken Bologna Paprika and Chicken Spicy Lemon Tikka.

IMG_20170814_230133421 (2)

My order was so beautifully cloaked with a wrapping paper that for a moment I didn’t feel like opening it but then the idea of the beauty that was laying inside it made me unwrap the box. Each item was perfectly packaged and sealed that there was no point of leakage.


Each slice was processed ensuring that you get to eat the freshest possible chicken. A beautiful melange of flavor was created using the right balance of spices and seasoning to add a delicious twist to the lean, nutritious, healthy chicken tikka. It was made sure that each portion was processed, preserved and packaged in a manner that it retains all its freshness till the moment you open the pack.


Only the freshest ingredients and most high-quality meats were used to create these premium products which gave me an unparalleled experience in respect to the texture, taste, appearance and succulence.

Well I would definitely recommend all of you there to visit once and tantalize your taste buds.

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