Lager and Barrel: Fun unlimited

About the festival

Lager and Barrel Festival is one of the most awaited annual beer and music festival for a group of friends and families looking forward to a refreshingly perfect weekend full of action-packed fun.

This time r4review had the opportunity to visit the same and was not at all disappointed. We would love to express our mind-blowing experience to our readers and would like to mention the must of the festival.

Event night

 We visited on Friday 06/10/17 and were not disappointed. The event was extremely well put together and very well organized, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The staff was brilliant and made it such an enjoyable musical evening.


The ambience of the place was just perfect. Right from atmosphere, service, food and location, it was an absolutely wonderful experience. The service was really impressive when there really is such a lack of service these days. If you look at the place from the outside,  you cannot make a guess what it has in store for you.


The USP of any event is the food it serves to its audience. And here also it made its mark.

The dinner was delicious and unique which was served fresh and hot. Especially the pasta dishes were all mouthwatering so were the desserts. The drinks were refreshing and chill. After all, it was “The Beer”  festival and they cannot put in glass anything less than the best.  And believe us they did serve the awesomeness in glasses.

This is definitely one of the best shows of the season. The first few bands of the event were very good, extremely fantastic and energetic. But as a result of the next few performances not being good enough, there was a dramatic fall in the number of viewers. Though things changed in the second half when the plot got changed with many twists and twirls, especially when Milind Gaba appeared on the stage.  Undoubtedly it is one of the perfect shows to enjoy and have fun with your friends.

Now we are waiting for the next season. And we would recommend everyone not to miss it.

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