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publick cafe                            publikk cafe

 NEW DELHI One of the most happening places of Rajouri garden. Went here for the first time and i am glad i was there for the weekend. Lively ambiance, amazing crowd and super fun live music.  Even though Rajouri have many options to explore that one can easily get confused. The highlight of the day was SOZ BAND which was performing there. The lead singer sang most of the classic Hindi songs (my personal favorite). The service of the place is pretty amazing. One dedicated person will always be there to take your order. Even the restroom has funny quotations. The food is another highlight.

publikk cafe                            publikk cafe

Publikk is precisely the place that would suffice your requirement. Proves to be ideal as a place for rejuvenation with friends & family.

   publikk cafe                    

To please your experienced palette, it offers varied pure vegetarian food from Indian sub-continent, stimulating your senses with ambrosial flavors and textures. When it comes to the food, PUBLIKK serves Indian, Chinese and Tandoori Food. They really have a huge variety of Food items. It’s a perfect place to enjoy with your family and friends.Tasty along with good quantity. The non veg platter contained fish and chicken in good quantity.


I don’t give 5/5 that easy as i am quite choosy with places, but this totally deserves it.
I’m going to give a detailed review here for the people who haven’t visited the place yet!

                              —————————–So here it goes  ———————————-

  • Starting from the ambiance ✔
  • The band there added to cherry on the top making the place ever so lively ✔
  • Service was a bit slow. 😐 But they were courteous enough to accept it rather being rude.


Now talking about the food:

1). Lemon grass fish tikka (5/5)
So tender, soft and juicy with mild flavour of cream
2). Keema bolognaise samosa (3/5)
Outer covering was nice, inner stuffing was okayish.
3). Publikk chicken pasta (4.5/5)
Very tasty. Generally chicken pasta are bucket full of cream and fat. This was less.
4). Pulled mutton tacos (5/5)
Very yummy! Mixed in burhami cream & topped with crispy sev. Delicious 👌
5). Telicherry chicken wings (3/5)
Not too bad, but nothing exceptional either.
6). Chicken malai tikka (4/5)
That’s one of my fav dish, but could’ve been more on the softer side than it was.
7). Signature whiskey rival cocktail (3/5)
Bourbon + edible flower, cherry brian, lime juice was too much. Making it a bit more sour.
8). White brownie (5/5)
The star of the evening!
Fudge goey brownie with milk skin, served with caramel mouse. And it was reaaaally yummy
9). Classic churros (2.5/5)

publikk cafe
publikk cafe

Highly recommended place to visit when the band is singing. Would surely live to visit again.

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