Multifit gym (Andheri): New age of gyming

Multifit Andheri gym


Plain oats is always boring and masala oats looks great ,sounds familiar?
What if I tell you that same applies to your fitness regime. Gone are the days when getting fit was equal to hitting gym that had nothing but a set of treadmills , some dumbles , a cycling machine and some weights. That was the case with pretty much every gym or fitness centre. People usually gave a chance to do regular gyming but when it becomes boring , hardly any of these enthusiastic fitness freaks continued gyming thereafter.
But what if I tell you that there is fun filled and adventurous way to make yourself fit.
Yes you heard it right, to make sure you enjoy while exercising , Multifit introduced new age gyming 2 years ago .
Started from Pune , Multifit now marks it’s presence in many cities of India.
Next thing you will ask is what is so special about Multifit , so let me tell you that they have a wide variety of exercises including tabata , Zumba , military training exercise and lot more.
They have each day dedicated one kind of exercise , so that your body gets an overall fitness treatment.
You can get guidance through their daily trainers and if you want to go a step further , then you can also opt for personal trainer as well. All trainers are well certified , so you need not to worry about anything.
Just take a visit to Multifit and then you will surely fall in love with fitness and its new age ways to get fit.
For more details , you can Google about Multifit and it’s nearest centre.
Till then I am leaving you with some snaps from my visit to Multifit Andheri Fitness centre :
Multifit Andheri gym Multifit Andheri gym Multifit Andheri gym Multifit Andheri gym Multifit Andheri gym Multifit Andheri gym Multifit Andheri gym Multifit Andheri gym Multifit Andheri gym

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