Pooja Bhandari

CMO & North India Expert

An Engineer by Profession, Fashion and travel blogger by passion, Creative at heart, soul have infinite thoughts going on which she pens down in short verses @ Innocent Soul. She loves adventures and experiments. Travelling is like the biggest passion to her and she had already explored many parts of India like Goa, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Jaipur, Mysore and Udaipur.

Ankit Jain

Ankit Jain

A Software developer by profession,
Numismatist by dedication,
Photographer by inspiration,
Table Tennis Player by passion,
Blogger by choice,
Indian by spirit, is what describes Ankit the best!!

Complex codes & freaking bugs never deterred nor will ever daunt him from
giving voice to his inner most feelings at his blog
From my Diary (http://dare-to-think-beyond-horizon.blogspot.in).
Ankit Jain