#SharetheLoad with Ariel’s #HamperOfEquality

On those working Saturdays when you come home to find your dining table, spread with pathi ke haath ka “DAAL-CHAWAL, DAHI, ACHAAR AND PAPAD”, bliss!!!! Am I dreaming? NO… This is the scene when your husband takes up to #SHARETHELOAD and puts on his Superhero wala chef’s cap and apron. Not every man believe so and so is the need for campaigns to work on gender equality at least in a country like ours where mothers have been telling their sons – household chores are women’s job.

Ariel claims to be the expert when it comes to stain removal…

#SharetheLoad with Ariel’s #HamperOfEquality

About Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad Campaign

Ariel has been encouraging gender equality and believes that gender equality starts at home. Through their previous editions of #ShareTheLoad campaign, Ariel threw light on some daily activities that the contemporary professional women are indulged in.

While the first edition asked viewers – “Is laundry only a women’s job?” Second questioned – “Why is laundry only a women’s job?” making fathers, husbands, and sons think the need for the hour for sons to #ShareTheLoad. The third edition, released in January 2019, revolved around a mother, a daughter and a son highlighting the difference in the upbringing between the daughter and son in terms of household chores and laundry. In their latest campaign, the brand came up with this #HamperOfEquality, with an item for everyone at home to inculcate the habit in all to #ShareTheLoad.

The new and improved Ariel claims to remove the toughest stains in just one wash because with Ariel #ToughIsEasy..

#SharetheLoad with Ariel’s #HamperOfEquality

For your SuperHero

It is not about laundry but to share the load with littlest possible household chores, be it grocery, cooking. Just accompanying your woman for shopping and walking down the aisle together to pick up grocery is what she expects at times – a grocery bag to get along and shop together to #ShareTheLoad. There are quite a number of men in World’s best chefs list and cooking is no more a women’s job today. Men can lend hands in chopping, cooking or at most with dishes. A cute apron with the perfect caption “½ tea spoon of HIS responsibility, ½ tea spoon of HER care, Serve with Loads of Love!” will encourage any men to get into this apron and take up the chopping board and knife in hand.

#SharetheLoad with Ariel’s #HamperOfEquality

Something For you Wonder Kids

The best way to teach your kids about anything is through visual aids. “Learn and Play” colouring book curated specially for #ShareTheLoad campaign, showcases laundry is not always mom’s job and encourage kids to engage in laundry. A time table for the seven days of the week, to help kids take little step towards sharing the load, be it folding the cloths or filling the water bottles, watering the plants or cleaning their wardrobe.

Call it for dads or sons the Wooden Cloth Pegs with superhero logos, come with an encouraging quote “Be A Superhero for your Superwoman”. Yes a woman will be a Superwoman with the love, care and support she gets from her Superhero and wonder kids isn’t?

Encouraging all of you too to take up #ShareTheLoad initiative. Little steps and see the difference in bonding, togetherness and love within the family when you spend more time together sharing the load.

For more info, please have a look at the video by Ariel.

This post is a part of the #ShareTheLoad movement by Ariel in association with

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An Engineer. A Blogger. Passionate Traveller, exploring history, heritage, culture, food of India n beyond.

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