SEAMO – Unleash the Maths Olympian !!!

I will start from the last and what is most important part of an Olympiad , South East Asian Math Olympiad(SEAMO originated from Singapore. Conceptualized and managed by noted mathematian and experts of TCIMO) is organized for the first time in India on 6th August 2017 and you have just two weeks to register by 31st July 2017.

Now the next question you would have be what it has to offer to my child? That is where we need to talk about Math a bit , the subject that haunted many but ones who have  mastered it had done wonders in the field they have been. It is such subject that is used anywhere you go be it computers,analytic,architectural engineering you name it and Math is there used day in and day out.

That is when starting early to be friend with MATH is important and SEAMO is providing students starting class V that platform. After being successfully in 12 south east asian countries this Olympiad has stepped into India and think how useful it will be for your child to know how he stands a chance with children from other countries. As we are becoming a global village it is important for our child to compete and yet enjoy the process of learning.

I remember how motivating it was for a child of my age to top in a subject in my class , what if i had to get the same confidence after writing a paper where i will be competing with say lakhs of children from other countries.      SEAMO hope to provide that encouragement  to students as they build their passion for mathematics.


  1. It gives early exposure to the student to an international Olympiad.
  2. Relative evaluation , so an student will get the National as well as the International rank.
  3. Performance analysis in forms of graphs that will help students to improve on the weaknesses                           and will enable them to make a right career decision.
  4. There would be recommendations for a learning style through the personalized reports.
  5. Gold plated certificates to top 0.025% , Silver to next 1 %, bronze to next 2 % and participation certificate to every student to encourage and motivate them for future.


Olympiad Structure :

  1. 2 Hrs exam which consist of 24 questions with 3 sections.
  2. Sections will consist of 8 question each with easy,moderate and difficult questions.
  3. Progressive marking for each section which will give added advantage to students who will be able to answer more difficult questions.
  4. It is more about accuracy than speed so a true test of analytical skills rather than performing under pressure which most of the other Olympiads does.

During the bloggers meet in Delhi most of us participating had doubts about if this would be like any other Olympiad but till it was over we were all convinced that what they are out to do and kind of talent that we have in this country this would be a great start. IMG_6696 IMG_6697  Here are some important links that you would need to register and be a part of the change i.e. SEAMO.

R4review team like to welcome SEAMO to India and would appeal parents to encourage their child to participate and most of all have a good time with Maths.

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