Miss multinational 2018

Holaaaaa everyone!

How’s everybody doing? I hope you guys had a wonderful weekenddd.So,last week I was invited for this international pageant called Ms. Multinational held at Kingdom of dreams,Gurugram.

Girls from 14 different countries took part in the pageant.USA,Germany,Philippines,India,Bangladesh,Thailand,Japan,Ghana,Myanmar,Indonesia,Malaysia were some of the countries.The event started with a beautiful dance performance by all the contestants on some of the famous Bollywood songs.Even though most of them didn’t understood Hindi but they danced with full enthusiasm and confidence.

After the dance performance,it was the turn for the first round of the pageant i.e. National Outfit round.Where every contestant has to dress up in their country’s national outfit.Each of them walked with so much of pride and  exuberance as they were representing their whole nation in that outfit.Ms.Indonesia came out as the winner of this round.

Following the National outfit round the next was bikini round.And walking in a bikini is never so easy as it seems.But all the contestants were so confident and determined that they didn’t looked hesitant even for once.Their maintained slim figures for sure gave us fitness goals.

Post these two rounds it was the turn for the most awaited yet the most important round i.e. the evening gown round.In this round all the ladies had to walk on the ramp showcasing their beautiful evening gowns.Plus it was the last costume round and thus the ladies had to give their best.Each of them looked breathtaking in their ravishing attires but Ms.Brazil came out as the winner of this round.

7 out of 14 contestants were shortlisted after this round.And the final Q/A session took place.Which not only portrayed the confidence,strenghts and weakness of the contestants but also their thoughts and love towards the society.All of them gave a very rugged competition to each other but Ms. Philippines left all of them behind and bagged the tittle of Ms. Mutlinational.Ms. Germany and Ms.India were first and second runner ups respectively.The event ended with an after party at the Playboy club.

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An ecomics honours student from LSR,balancing her between studies,food,shopping and blogging.

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An ecomics honours student from LSR,balancing her between studies,food,shopping and blogging.

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