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The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than its value.


Whoever said this was very well aware of the fact that you cannot gift a bag full of colours on the day of Diwali. Gifts are not just a piece of art or an artefact; it’s one of the quintessential instrument of expressing love and concern, a cardinal ingredient in  the recipe of maintaining relationships and preparing bonds. And the value of the precious souvenir is not judged by its price-tag but by the feelings and emotions associated with it, the love involved between the two people.

A perfect relationship is incomplete without a perfect gift. And when lots of options are available to choose from, it becomes really cumbersome to select the one from many.

Here comes the solution to this wonted problem of all; the one place where you can track down some of the finest gifts and that too on the click of the pointer. Yes we are talking about India’s biggest online gifting portal “IGP”.

About IGP

As soon as you start scrolling around the various sections of the site, you start loving it. With various sections made for each occasion and relation, it makes your task quite sorted out in the very start only. Now your selection is from poll of gifts instead of vast ocean and hence your confusion level gets subsidised

It also give you the room to select from type of product with various options available like Lifestyle, clothing, cakes and flowers and many more.

So select your relation with your loved one, sub-select his/her favourite gift idea and start browsing, happy gifting!!



As the raksha bandhan is approaching and like any sister I wanted to gift something worth keeping for years to my only brother, I came across the customized gift section of IGP.

They provide a wide range of options in this category and give you ample room to select the one product from the list that you would love to give to you near and dear ones on their special day.

I ordered a customised pen with the name of my brother embossed on it and a personalised diary with mobile holder for my brother.


The delivery was quite fast and I received the parcel on the third day only with all the items properly packed and keeping a note which I asked them to put for my brother (option available while shopping).

As soon as the gift reached its true owner, the smile that I earned were priceless and I thanked with bottom from my heart to IGP for awesome service, wide variety while maintain the current trends and quality.

You can have a look at their personalized gift section here

I am definitely going to shop again from here and suggest you the same.

You can order your gift here. Happy gifting!!! 

Quality: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Variety: 4/5



Pooja Bhandari

An Engineer by profession, writer by passion.. loves to travel at different places around the globe..

About Pooja Bhandari

An Engineer by profession, writer by passion.. loves to travel at different places around the globe..

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