Review Of Restaurant #Trend


  Trend is a new restaurant that opened recently, at the Ansal Plaza complex, Delhi, As, you can gather by the name they specialize in what’s trending. We were escorted by Mandeep and given a nice comfortable seat. Soon, after we were  presented with their welcome dish. called,  the fafre tart!     About the Ambience! The ambience is cozy. Not overly dark but cheery and non glaringly lit. You could chose to on the sofas, or high chairs. There was also a lounge type area, where you could relax if in a larger group.       The music station was deftly managed by Pranab. The music was pop/edm/mainstream rock, basically, all that’s trending!!!! We particularly enjoyed the mood changes created by change in tempo from Diplo to Bryan Adams to Sia.   What we ordered! Mocktails: We ordered

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